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Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Consulting Services
More and more organizations are considering M&S to help assess and analyse their business space. M&S is especially appropriate for questions regarding:
  • Adaptive Organizations (mergers & acquisitions, social & political processes, etc.)
  • Adaptive Logistics (supply chain, JIT, etc.)
  • Adaptive Scheduling (CRM, production, maintenance, etc.)
  • Adaptive Marketplaces (product placement & repackaging, workforce recruiting & retention, etc.)
Least Squares Software, Inc. provides the expertise and software tools for planners to bring M&S studies in-house, where it can be guided by those who know the business best. Please contact

BASP Modeling and Simulation Software Tools
Least Squares Software, Inc. is the exclusive provider of BASP M&S software and consulting services. Software licenses are available starting at $40k. Please contact for information.